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Autos and RV's... repair of all makes at reasonable prices.
High quality repair at low cost for automobiles and recreational vehicles.
Read this before you take your car to another repair shop...
I am the WebMaster for Affordable Repair. I met the owner and his two fine technicians last month. I have a '95 Cadillac with a NorthStar Engine. Enough said? I had it at the Cadillac dealership and their computer showed that the EGR valve was faulty. They gave me a price to replace it and I thought it was too high. I took it to a mechanic I have used for years. He found a leaky vacuum hose and repaired it. I watched him the entire time while we visited. I took the car straight home and it didn't miss... the miss was intermittent. The next time I drove it, it was running rough and I took it to a shop that had more modern diagnostic equipment... they were busy and told me to take it to Jeff at "Affordable Auto and RV Repair."

Jeff, assured me that it was not the EGR valve. Even though his computer showed it to be the problem, same as the Cadillac Dealer showed. Jeff worked on it for several hours and finally found it to be a faulty "Coil Pack." The computer didn't show that to be the problem but Jeff knew better. He fixed my problem and it was a very fair price! A price that allowed me to eat my normal diet the rest of the month! THANKS JEFF!

While I was there I met and talked with his two very fine technicians... both named "Chris." Very bright men and I actually enjoyed the morning there at the shop!

Jeff invites you to drop by or call with your next problem... 501-520-0911

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