Hot Springs, Arkansas... "The Valley Of The Vapors"
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A few Of The Famous People Who Called Hot Springs "Home"
Jesse James <> Wyatt Earp <> Al Capone <> Bugsy Segal <> Bill Clinton
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Hot Springs, An Eerie Combination of Both Spiritual Entities Blossom Here

Religious organizations were founded in Hot Springs. The Assembly of God denomination was 'born' right here in the early 1900's. A plaque marks the exact spot on the sidewalk. Many well known and famous evangelists began their careers, selling God's word right here in Hot Springs. Most do not acknowledge the link between them and Hot Springs - why? I don't know!

Hot Springs was undoubtedly one of the wildest towns in America.

Hot Springs, well known internationally as a gambling mecca, boasted open prostitution that flourished and well-known gangsters came here to avoid the law. Warring gangs met in peace here. Drugs flowed as freely as alcohol, which was consumed openly on the main street that is Central Avenue. Visitors would walk from one casino or nightclub to the next drinks in hand. The next day the clubs would return their glasses to their respective owners. This was as late as the early 1960's, I know, I was a teenager and right in the middle of it all!

Top entertainers such as Frankie Laine appeared frequently. As a matter of fact my good friends are the owners of a world renowned Bar B Que restaurant. Alcohol was not served on Sunday by law-abiding business owners. One Sunday Frankie was eating at the restaurant and he told the founder and owner, "If you'll get me a beer, I'll sing you a song." To this the owner replied, "Well, you ain't gettin' no beer." Frankie sang anyway.

While in office, Bill would fly into town on Air Force One and "pig-out" on his favorite combination, chopped beef sandwich and bar b que beans. While the big Air Force One was sitting at the airport, the staff would deliver to the crew their favorites. The son, who is now sixty years of age, attended school with Bill who is a few years his Jr. but we all knew and loved Bill. I too went to school with Bill.

The notorious and famous Wyatt Earp came to Hot Springs for some gambling and boozing. He got out of hand and the sheriff escorted him out of town. Even Earp was no match for the famous SPA officials. You could get away with about anything as long as you were in the favor of the establishment but if not, you were in trouble!

Hot Springs Is A Melting Pot of Humanity, Spiritualism and The Gate To Hell!

Hell's Half Acre...

You can see Hell's Half Acre by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page. It is an unexplainable phenomenon, which has been a mystery for a hundred or more years. The eerie plot has jagged rocks and nothing grows; yet it is surrounded by lush forest and vegetation. It is located at the edge of Hot Springs' city limit. The county has closed the road to it, for some reason. The only way in now is to hike in.

Another anomaly in the same area is an unbelievably deep hole in the earth. The hole is a bottomless pit, said to be created to house a demon, which is chained within it. Hunters caught after dark have heard its groans of pain and shrieks of savage profanity. Local folks make sure not to be anywhere near the place near day's end.

On The Fringe of Sci-Fi...

Some pretty intelligent people who study the occult have a theory that it is a major vortex into time/space. Vortex: An opening to Hell and there, fallen angels are imprisoned in time as discussed in the Bible, the Book of Revelation. At a given time the fallen angels will be released to bring about the destruction mentioned in Revelation, chapter nine. This area is also credited by UFO hunters as being a major 'vortex' into time/space and many sightings are reported here. For your pleasure:

Tidbits of Hot Springs History...

The first white person to visit the springs was Hernando DeSoto. Desoto, with his legions scoured the mountains in search of gold in 1541.

Once known as the Valley of the Vapors because of mystical steam that rose from more than forty boiling springs. Indians would lay down their weapons and bathe in peace in the healing waters.

The Vanishing Woman...

The Princess Theater, located at 817 Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs, now called the Malco Theater. The Malco was once used for a magician's act. A German magician Jerome Schmitar had performed in the theater nearly 100 years ago and something went wrong.

Jerome performed an act where he caused someone to disappear and then reappear minutes later in the same location.  But something went wrong.

Jerome invited a young girl from the audience to help him with his trick. She was covered with a large piece of silk. Jerome withdrew the silk, and to everyone's amazement Clara Sutherland was nowhere to be found. He commanded her to reappear. She never reappeared!

Marcus Phillips, Hot Springs' most renowned local historian remembers that the father of the young girl shot a man who looked like Jerome, but the rest is uncertain.

Underneath Central Avenue...

Underneath the only passage (street) through downtown Hot Springs, lies a well kept secret and an amazing tunnel! The tunnel which begins at the north end of Hot Springs runs underneath the entire downtown section and eventually exits and empties into Lake Hamilton. The tunnel is beautiful with arches and offshoots that only a few know where they go. However, it is a fact that gangsters, such as, Al Capone could enter the tunnel from one casino / nightclub and emerge into another club without ever being seen. The first level of many of the businesses or buildings was actually underground and the street level is actually the second floor. I have never seen it but have been told by many that there is actually an arcade down there.

It is off-limits and against the law to go there now. I wonder why?

One Indian Chief that I spoke with assures me there are crystal caverns underneath the city. Many say this is one of the reasons for it's inherent, powerful vortex into time / space / hell / who knows? One thing is for sure! This place holds a lot of interest and always has for those who study the occult and UFO's.

Many people are confident that this area is one of several (powerful) vortexes on the planet.

In the scientific study of the occult, they talk about 'ley' lines and certain intersections of these 'ley' lines that are very powerful. They are sometimes referred to as a Vortex. The group believes that a very powerful intersection is here in Hot Springs, Arkansas. One of the others is where the original Garden of Eden was.... In Iraq, where Sadam restored Ancient Babylon. There, is where the 4 demons referred to (Rev, 9) have been bound and will be released soon. These demons will incarnate into flesh & blood (men) and lead the 200 million warriors to which the book of Revelation refers.

Could it be? The bible says, "Yes." My question: What role does Hot Springs, Arkansas play in the end time prophecy? There are definitely too many links to the spiritual to be coincidence. I can tell you from first-hand experience, something LARGE is about to happen here!

In a state with a puny little population of about 2 1/2 million people... Arkansas has produced hundreds even thousands of people who have risen to prominence in all areas.

Just to mention a very few:

Bill Clinton, two term president that may well be the new Secretary General of the United Nations. Highly regarded by the international community and all world leaders. I know Bill personally, went to school with him at Ramble School and Hot Springs Jr. High. He is the most charismatic, brilliant person I have ever known. He's supernatural and has more charm and personality than any human should possess.

Arkansas Senator, J.W. Fullbright, one of the most internationally influential men in recent history. Senator Fullbright owned the Northwest Arkansas Times a newspaper based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. One time my business partner and I walked in to place an advertisement in the newspaper. They refused to run it. They said it did not meet their guidelines. We walked out, stopped, looked at each other and in unison declared, "We'll start our own newspaper." We did! The RAZORBACK ROOTER was a weekly free paper. We contracted with a nearby newspaper to print it for us. We hired a layout man who would come in at night and layout the paper. My partner and I sold the advertising... We sold it for a dime per inch more than The Times and it was full! After a while it was no longer fun and the fellow who was printing it for us needed a contract that was full of potential liabilities. We quit! We had too much to do in our main business anyway. Rest assured that Mr. Fullbright's people put the squeeze on the printer! He was VERY nervous when he alerted us! I imagine he was afraid that my partner and I were renegades and might raise a fuss! He was right! We just had bigger fish to fry. Ohh, to be a youngster once again! Just full of "it" and ready to spread "it!"

H. Ross Perot was from the border town of Texarkana. Bordering on Arkansas and Texas. I worked for the IBM Corporation in Arkansas while Perot worked for IBM in the Dallas office. H e was a genius! Perot had "pull" from mighty powerful entities! You don't want to know! Wish I didn't! And... the naive folks think those things happen in the normal business environment! Ignorance may be blissful after all.

Don Tyson, Tyson Foods, largest supplier of food on the planet. I played poker with Don many years ago. He was dynamic and a legend in his own time. When his parents were killed by a train in the late 1960's Tyson industries was worth a mere forty three million dollars (if my memory serves me well) Now the worth is in the untold billions of dollars. We affectionately called him "Super Chicken" in those days, as he was the largest producer of chickens on the planet.

Sam Walton, founder of the largest, international, retail chain in history! Wal Mart was founded in Bentonville, Arkansas. I was with the IBM Corporation when Sam founded the company and I serviced the account. The home office was on the second floor, over a drug store, on the square. I may be wrong about the drug store, been a long time but it was a little retail outlet of some type. The ancient old stairway was narrow and I had to squeeze my way up the stairs with my service case. That was in the mid to late 1960's. I thought money would always be easy or I would have taken better advantage of the opportunities I had and KNEW!!!

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Talk about talent! Entertainers such as Johnny Cash, Levon Helm, Ronnie Hawkins, Charlie Rich, Jim Ed Brown, K.T. Oslin and Tracy Lawrence to mention a few.

The big screen contributors like Billy Bob Thornton, Dick and Jerry Van Dyke, Linda and Harry Thomason, Alan Ladd... to mention just a very few. A lovely reader of my page notified me that I should include Dick Powell and that the Van Dyke brothers were born in Missouri and Illinois. I know that their mother lived about 20 miles south of here. She also reminded of a beautiful home that I pass on a regular basis that belonged to Jerry Van Dyke... Always wondered who had that kind of money and imagination? Now I know! Thanks Cari! Keep in touch!

Remember Bear Bryant? Another Arkie! One of the winningest football coaches of all time, earned his title by wrestling a bear in or around Fordyce, Arkansas near Johnny Cash's homeplace.

Remember... all this from an entire state population that is about the size of Dallas.

Sound kinda supernatural to you?

Your Friend,



UFO Report 1897

Hells Half Acre

I have my share of eerie, true stories to tell... I HAVE PUBLISHED THEM AS PROMISED... YOU CAN READ THEM ON MY OTHER SITEStrange, Paranormal and Inexplicable Events

Aliens and UFO's How aliens and ufo's will deceive mankind and the church.

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