Is There Such A Thing?
A Recent Survey Revealed That Many Millionaires Credit Their Success To Luck!

Let me get right to the point! I believe that luck is a spiritual thing that comes from the spiritual realm.

I follow the markets. As a result I have the Stock Channel on through the day and yesterday (6-11-13) they talked about the candid remarks by a large number of millionaires. The people in one group said that LUCK was the reason for their success. Now hold on! Before you go ballistic and start pulling up your biased, predetermined thoughts on this subject let me give you some food for thought.

If you truly believe the Old Testament Bible, you are aware that "happenings" and your wealth are determined in the spiritual realm. The book of JOB is a good place to begin. I published a brief report on the book of Job that is very popular... The God of the OT made material covenants and granted material favor to those he approved. The same as the evangelicals of today when they are preaching for cash. Their sermons are nothing like the teachings from Jesus, Peter, James, Jude or those true followers of the lessons from Jesus. Jesus promised persecution from the world and the worldly but the Godly people of the OT considered wealth and material as signs of favor from God. Most people who think they are practicing Christianity today think that material wealth comes from a "Prosperity Jesus" who is the true Jesus. Not so. That what's the apostate church of these last days is teaching you. Money, money and MORE MONEY! You might as well throw some whores in there with your financial rewards from hell. Sound a little too harsh? No apologies from me, I mean to make it crystal clear. That's my job, that's what I do. I scream the warnings. Do as you wish but know what you're doing.

Many of us who believe in the true Jesus know what HE and HIS earthly brothers had to say about wealth, which is closely associated with luck, as we call it. Jesus said that it was (near) impossible for a rich man to enter the Kingdom The reason may not be what you think. My understanding, which was introduced to me by the Holy Spirit (I believe) says that the reason is because the Prince of this world will not let a true man of God have excessive wealth. You gotta "sell out" to gain his material toys. There are a few who are of God and receive extreme (excessive) material blessings, however, as Jesus said, "all things are possible with God."

There are the teachings found in scripture that hold the answers to these thoughts. I'll use those as well as my own vast experiences in this life, in this realm. I almost always trace things back to the scriptures and it's interesting to note that every situation can be traced and credited to the wisdom revealed in the scriptures.

Ever hear about the "crossroads?" It's real! I was watching an interview with Bob Dylan (for one) who was slightly embarrassed to admit that his success didn't really begin til he went to the Crossroads and "sold out." Bob, didn't use those words but that was the basis of his message. He didn't dwell on it. I've experienced the phenomenon myself. I didn't know what I was doing as most people don't. I asked HIM to let me run according to my ability and let me have the wealth that had been slipping away. It was supernatural! I could plainly see that the things that happened to me where material wealth was concerned was from the spiritual realm. At the time, before I learned a hard lesson I did not understand what I'm writing about on this page. Mere fractions of a second would prevent me from enormous amounts of money. I won't go into the details here but it was very supernatural! It still happens to this very day. It has been made clear to me from (and through) the Holy Spirit that Jesus loves me too much to allow me to fail in this test by falling back into the world system, which is what happens when you chase material.

I was in my early 30's and tired of the persecution. I had been a devout Christian for about a decade. One night while on the mountain... a very secluded mountain... near Lake Ouachita, a few miles from my home in Arkansas, there was a special tree that hung over the side of a cliff and was my special prayer place. It was common for me to spend 4 or 5 hours in that very comfortable fork in a giant Mimosa tree and talk to Jesus. Only a few people knew about my private sanctuary. Very foolish! If you know about Mimosa trees you know they are not the most durable or strongest tree and if those limbs had broken, I would have never been found. Several hundred feet straight down and very secluded. It was my special alter of sorts.

Anyway I was on the mountain and threw a tantrum while demanding that HE "let me run!" HE DID! As a result I backslid and was in hell for over a decade. There were many things going on in my life as I have mentioned on several other pages. All of them combined finally helped me to break down. It's a long story! I've written, in part, about it on several other pages but I want to discuss LUCK on this page.

Back to my example: It worked! HE let me run and within 36 hours I had profited over $12,000.00 in a field I had been missing by milliseconds. It was the beginning of a hell bound, money-centered life that was driven by lust for things of the world. Not only material returns but sex-sin and whiskey had replaced God and prayer. It was a drunkard's dream! After a decade (or so) I decided I wanted to come back to God. I was blessed to escape the clutches of hell! It took much prayer, suffering and a life full of horror stories to break free after I decided I would rather have God than the material success. When I fell, I didn't enter into a covenant or agreement I just demanded HE let me run as I please and for HIM to get out of my way. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? How arrogant and ignorant can a man be? I thank HIM constantly for bringing me back. It cost me plenty! A family... a life! I know and believe all things work together for good for those who love the Lord......... It worked out but what a price I paid and still paying!

People say we make our own luck. Yes we do. If you pray for material and strive for a certain thing it can come to you and others say it is luck when in fact it is from that which you ask for. After the "sell out" things may continue even before you know to ask.

Jesus taught us to pray for Father to meet our needs. HE said we don't know what our needs are and we don't.

There's much to be said on this topic and I'm sure I am just starting but for now, I'll stop here. Do you have a comment? Let me hear from you. We'll go from there.

Luck is from the spiritual realm!

Your friend,

John (Darryl)

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