Understanding God's Laws of Spiritual Physics and God's Laws of Salvation.
Laws of physics, laws of mathematics, laws of logic, laws of chemistry, etc... Let's add one more; LAWS OF SALVATION. If you have read my page on "spiritual physique" then you are ready for this page.
When people think of God's laws, perhaps they picture a judge who is ready to punish them if they violate His law. I am sure many people have different images of the author of these same laws.

Can we talk?

Perhaps The Creator did not make these laws to trap us. Because He did not. Perhaps He did not make a bunch of laws to trick us into failure, because He did not do that either.

What if God tells us about these laws so we can practice them, use them and acquire salvation through the practice of these laws of salvation? In other words... maybe these laws are the formula for becoming a New Creature? These "laws" are not to entrap us or trick us but they are told to us so we can use them to acquire our "New Creature" status that enables us to live eternally, in His Kingdom with Him! These laws are simply a formula for eternity!

The scriptures tell us that when we are born again of the spirit of God, we are a "New Creature" or a "New Creation." That is what we must be to enter the Kingdom. Therefore, He loved us enough to tell us how to be with Him forever. Without pain, suffering, unhappiness or any other negative feature we experience here in this life, in this realm, on this planet.

Maybe we're on to something here? I think so! Several years ago I was given the understanding which may be found at www.john33.com/judgement.htm and it expanded my horizons. This information made me realize that God does not send us to destruction (hell) because He is angry with us or He is punishing us. I came to realize that we simply failed to receive the Spirit of God which is brought to us through Jesus Christ. Everything became much clearer!

I will try to take the information from that revelation, condense it and incorporate here in a new way that I hope will help the seeker come to understand. This will help doubters as well as Christians to have a better understanding as to how His laws and the teachings of Christ come together.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, fifty days after His ascension to heaven. It is with the help of The Holy Spirit aka The Comforter, that we are able to fully achieve the New Creature status. This conversion is made available through God's laws of spiritual physics. It is that simple. Until that moment we are still pure human. Jesus tells us in John 3:3 that we cannot enter The Kingdom of God unless we are born again of the spirit.

Receiving this transformation is required to be able to make the transition. What now?

We must maintain that New Creature Status. In other words we cannot slip back into the old human spirit of sin. When we break His spiritual laws and commit sin, we are in conflict with the Spirit of God that lives within us after the conversion. These are more laws of "spiritual physics." We must maintain the new formula.

Could it be? To sin and live in conflict with the Holy Spirit would cause the "New Creature" to become corrupt, crash and revert back to your old human nature? Or .... you may say that no matter how much you sin; "once you are a new creature, you are always that new creature." NO! That is another way of saying, "once saved always saved." I let Jesus answer that for me. He answers it many different ways... In one scripture He tells us that "if you love me you will obey my Father's laws." In another scripture He tells us that "the road is narrow and few will find the path." In yet another scripture He informs that "He can erase your name from the book of life." In other words; you were in there but He took you out... I can go on and on but you get the idea. "Once Saved Always Saved is False Doctrine."

To sum it all up, a new creature has new desires and goals and the old ways will not sustain the New Creature.

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