You Say You Want To Be A Christian...
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To The Best Of My Knowledge...

Nobody simply awakes one morning and decides to be a Christian.

There are those who are born into a Christian home/family and are raised in their respective belief, doctrine or denomination. That's not the situation to which I am referring. However, that doctrine into which you are born may or may not be truly scriptural and based in truth. As you grow in years and understanding you should examine your doctrine/denomination. Just because a cannibal is born into that accepted lifestyle does not make it right. Get the point?

An adult or mature thinking individual who realizes that there is more to us than this physical body and material world, will, possibly look for a belief system that satisfies their quest for truth and what is in-store for us after death.

There are plenty of options. They come in the form of the Occult, Mysticism, Christianity, etc.

This Page Only Deals With Christianity
(Those other two are of Satan)

The options typically used to find a church...

1. You may choose to go church surfing. That is to say you begin attending different denominations until you find one that appeals to you. You probably don't know much about the criteria that a doctrine must meet to be classified as "scripturally correct." Therefore, you simply base your decision on how you are made to feel. This is very dangerous! Cults and false doctrines may be presented by very charismatic preachers. The followers may be friendly and warm. They make you feel like you belong. You can't rely on the fact that the doctrine presented may be highly regarded by prominent, respectable people who are in attendance.

2. Perhaps a friend or relative invites you into their fold. You trust and love that person, therefore you trust their judgment. Very dangerous! It's not wise to (completely) trust your soul/spirit to any person, friend or relative. The stakes are too high. Many good, well-meaning people are victims of false doctrine. Approach with caution as you learn.

3. You watch the TV Evangelists work their magic! They are very charismatic and great salesmen! First class actors! Their doctrine is based on a 'feel good' presentation that can be very attractive as they offer many returns in the form of money, happiness and understanding of the "word." You get the idea that you belong to his/her fold. Based on what? Based on the way you are made to feel? Remember, at this point you may not have enough (if any) knowledge about the truth pertaining to the teachings of Jesus.

You Ask Yourself, "What Should I Do?"

It is perfectly fine to do all of the above. The point here is to be careful as you learn the scriptures and test their doctrine against the true word of God. Do not believe, because they are popular, charismatic, appealing and very good at making you feel good, that it is truly of God!


To become a Christian is to become "Christ-Like" or "Like Christ"...

After careful examination, you may determine that you are not strong enough to be a Christian! (with God all things are possible)

You must be willing to suffer persecution, testing, problems brought on by Satan. Unlike the "feel good" doctrines that the leading, rich TV Preachers tell you about... Truth is, you may be subjected to some pretty tough problems to overcome in order to prove your faith and worthiness to be counted in the Kingdom.

Look at the way His Disciples died! They suffered greatly! That's not to say that you will but you may have to. As a matter-of-fact, the end times will REALLY test the Christians. The scriptures tell us that many Christians will be beheaded! You don't hear that kind of truth from the popular TV Preachers that fly around in multi-million dollar jets and live like kings off of the hard earned wages of those who are misled.

Now don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the message! I speak truth and I base it on the scriptures, not some man-made, feel-good doctrine that brings a lot of unsuspecting weaklings into the fold. I'm talking about being worthy enough to spend eternity with the creator of the universe and His Son Jesus!

If you are ready for the truth, carry on! Your eternal future may be at stake! Here are the pages that will take you through this topic...

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