Easter Weekend, 2008, Looking Back About Two Thousand Years... How It Might Have Been.
Jesus' Obituary
Jesus, Son of Joseph and Mary, of Nazareth, died Friday on Mount Calvary, also known as Golgotha, The Place Of The Skull.

The published death notice was circulated and celebrated by many citizens of Jerusalem. His band of followers had deserted him and left town to escape the possibility that the same could be demanded for them.

Friends reported that Jesus was turned over to the Roman authorities by his close friend, Judas Iscariot. He was accused of declaring himself the King of the Jews, a crime against Rome. This crime against Rome and Caesar offended fellow synagogue members of Jerusalem, they demanded his crucifixion.

Cause(s) of death were brought on by crucifixion. Crucifixion causes the shoulders to be torn from the body. The weight of the body, collapses on the upper torso and suffocation results. Extreme exhaustion and loss of blood were contributing factors. It was said by onlookers that he endured severe torture beyond limits any of them had ever seen. One witness reported that you could see his shoulders being slowly torn from the sockets. It was reported that many of the onlookers scoffed and yelled obscenities. One Roman tantalized him with soured wine on a dirty cloth which was rubbed on his lips. Jesus looked up and cried out to his father, then seemed to give up his life. Mid afternoon, a Roman soldier plunged a spear into his side to insure that he was dead.

His Mother, Mary witnessed his death as well as Mary of Magdala and his cousin John. Other than those three, he had few, if any, friends present at his execution.

At about three o'clock there was a terrifying earthquake and darkness eerily befell the entire area! Some said it was a coincidence but a Roman soldier was heard to say that, "this man Jesus was truly the Son of God." Many temple members spat upon the soldier for his remark.

Burial will be in a borrowed tomb which is owned by Joseph of Arimathea.

No services are planned. The Governor said, "it will be forgotten and life will return to normal by tomorrow."

Note from John...

Thanks Jesus! We love you and still celebrate your life while you were here in this hostile world... A few of us have picked up the cross and are trying to carry on the mission you assigned unto your "Magnificent 12." Those of us who are trying, ask you to remember us to your Father... I know you haven't forgotten us... I feel your presence as I type this. I'll see you soon, friend!

Your Friend,



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