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God does not send anyone to hell. Souls go to hell, to be destroyed, because of their
inability to transcend into the born-again, spiritual being that is required to enter the Kingdom. Those failed beings that may not enter the Kingdom will be destroyed by the fires of hell. My understanding about hell disagrees with most definitions that I have heard.

MY UNDERSTANDING IS AS FOLLOWS... It is my understanding that hell was compared with the fire that burned continually outside the gates of Jerusalem. A fire that burned the garbage or refuse... a fire that burned around the clock. This constant-burning fire was where the garbage was burned... the refuse that was thrown away. Dead animals, garbage, a place where it is burned and consumed by the constant burning garbage dump. That was Gehenna or I always thought was Hades... and that was the comparison. The consuming fire was NOT a place used for punishment but for disposal! I hope and pray that is the case for all who do not make heaven... Simply destruction of the spirit and not an eternal, on-going process! I am not clear on that. All I have read and studied would tell me that nobody is... or at least that I have heard or read. I know Jesus indicated that it was not good... HE did not recommend it and warned us to avoid it! I am taking HIS advice. I believe HIM!

IT APPEARS TO ME... "Punishment" was added by teachers who wanted to scare the listener. Some preachers and teachers use fear to try to coerce a commitment from an unwilling person who does not respond out of love for Christ.

Consider this...

Hell is where the failed souls and spirits would be detained and destroyed... the souls of the persons who are not granted the resurrected, spiritual, born-again body of the eternal kind.

The spirit is indestructible. The spirit is eternal unless the spirit suffers the "SECOND DEATH" to which Jesus referred. Because GOD AND HIS SON JESUS created the soul and spirit to be indestructible. That was necessary or Satan could have destroyed the soul. Only Jesus and HIS Father can do that. The scriptures tell us not to fear those who can kill the body but to fear the one who can destroy the BODY AND SOUL! That would be God.

God created a device with which to destroy the failed souls that will not enter the KINGDOM OF GOD... THAT DEVICE IS HELL... THAT ETERNAL FIRE THAT CONSUMES THE SPIRIT. I am writing about the souls and spirit of mankind, not Satan and the fallen angels... As I understand there is a different fate awaiting them... For Satan and the fallen angels, hell is eternal punishment... BUT... for mankind, there is the "second death." At least that is the way I read the scripture. I am not clear on this! I am the first to admit that I have mixed feelings and mixed interpretations where hell is concerned. At best, it is not a place I want to experience. All of my spiritual life, I have felt that love and trust of God was the sure ticket to the Kingdom, not fear of hell. In recent years, I have thought more about the possibility of an eternal place of torment rather than the soul being destroyed. There is more on this at www.john33.com/hell.

Break for a short story...

A wayward fellow wanted me to believe that Jesus is kind and forgiving and will not cast us into hell, I referred him to Rev 19: 12His eyes were bright like flames of fire, and on his head were many crowns. A name was written on him, and only he knew what it meant. 13He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and his title was the Word of God. 14The armies of heaven, dressed in pure white linen, followed him on white horses. 15From his mouth came a sharp sword, and with it he struck down the nations.

I asked the new-ager if that sounded like a "push-over" that would not enforce HIS warnings for those who ignored HIS Father's laws or the lifestyle that HE (Jesus) taught us. HE suffered and died a physical, painful death to become our savior, our "ticket" to the kingdom... The new-age follower who went by the nickname, "ASHKELON" did not answer.

When a person (properly) uses the terms, "born-again," or "saved" they are referring to the same state of being. I use the terms intermittently for learning purposes. "Born Again" may be used to describe two different thoughts... The birth of the spirit while in this earth suit... our flesh body. OR... the resurrected spirit-body that enters the Kingdom upon our physical death. Flesh cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Many people, in defiance, have their bodies cremated to show the world that they do not believe in the resurrection... they fail to realize that the resurrection is a spiritual thing. Makes no difference what happens to this earthly, flesh body... if you are hell bound, you're going to hell regardless of what a person may try to avoid it.

Jesus was resurrected, body and spirit.

This following explanation is my opinion... The way I see it...

Jesus' flesh body was resurrected to show the "unbelieving" the power of God and that there is another life that comes after physical death. It was made very clear when Jesus' body was raised from the dead, as was predicted in previous scriptures, the Old Testament, as we know it. However, our resurrection will be spiritual. Jesus was very clear about this. The third chapter of the gospel of John is very clear, among other scriptures. We are resurrected Spiritually. "Ye Must Be Born Again." Born again of the Spirit.

When Jesus returns for His people, the dead in Christ will be resurrected in their new spiritual body and those who are living and saved will be changed in a "twinkling of the eye" and meet Him in the air. In a brief moment we will be changed and leave our earthly bodies and take on our new resurrected, spiritual bodies. I have heard it explained that "air" is "Spirit." There has been much lost in translation.

From that time forth we are incapable of sin. We are born-again of the Spirit.

If that is the case, then we must have been judged (to some degree) here on earth, while in our earthly bodies, on a day-to-day basis! How can that be? Let's see...

For your consideration...

First, let's see where the confusion lies...

We have been taught that God punishes us for not living according to HIS laws. Perhaps It is NOT punishment from the creator, it's simply a matter of "Spiritual Physics." God's laws of "Spiritual Physics." Perhaps God does not punish us. No more than he is punishing a caterpillar that did not achieve the final "state of physique" required for the caterpillar to transform into a butterfly. it is simply a matter of God's laws of physics. The scriptures tell us that when we are "begotten" or "Born of God" we become "New Creatures." We have been taught and we know the moment as "saved" or "born again." At that birth we become a "new creature." We are still in our same flesh bodies but our spirit has been transformed into that of a "new spiritual creature" with new goals and feelings. WE ARE A NEW CREATION! I remember the moment it happened! I talk with some people who cannot point to a time and place when it happened. I knew exactly when and where.

We are wrongly taught that a kind, loving creator is incapable of allowing them to be cast into HELL.

Hell, a dumping-place provided for those who did not qualify for eternity in Heaven. This "place" is where the refuse or the "failures" experience "The Second Death," the death of the spirit... this "second death" is not punishment, it's just a place where the beings who were not willing or incapable to make the change are disposed of, like that of the caterpillar/butterfly transformation. I say incapable because, according to scripture, there are those whose names are not written in The Lamb's Book Of Life. These people will never be able to become born again of the spirit.

Got time for a thought? A terrifying thought?
What if... the burning, or destruction, of the eternal spirit is an ongoing, never ending process? A process that must continue to constantly destroy the failed spirit... If that is the case then the doctrines that teach that hell is eternal suffering would be correct! That is a very horrifying revelation! This is the first time since I began publishing this page that I have had the thought... alarming!

Isn't it time to find out if your name is written in the Book of Life? Isn't it time to earnestly seek the saving grace of God, THROUGH HIS SON, Jesus, our friend, our High Priest, our Savior who died for us... The time to seek HIM and forgiveness is while we still have presence of mind and body. That is the time to enter into prayer with Jesus and ask for the "begotten" or "saved" status of a Kingdom bound follower of Christ. Jesus tells us that we must work hard to find the narrow path. Once you experience the "begotten," "born again" or "saved" experience you actually WANT to walk the walk. It is not hard. simply take one step at a time and pray.

Quantum Physics...
The study of the non-physical forces affecting our physical world.
I use the term
spiritual physics Instead of quantum physics.

Perhaps This Explanation Will Benefit You...

The New Age Doctrine leads people to believe in a loving God that will surely be forgiving and not convict us. Well... HE doesn't convict us, we convict ourselves when we do not pass the tests. When we fail to go through the change that occurs to all who achieve the "born again" status... The "New Creature" status. When we fail to make the change, we are unable to make the necessary change required to transcend into the Kingdom. I think it's a matter of "spiritual physics." God created ALL things using HIS laws of physics. Here in the physical realm we learn about physical (material) physics. Little if any is taught about "spiritual physics." After all HE is spiritual! Perhaps it's that simple, if we don't make the "change" spiritually, we can't transcend! I'll write more on this on this page... Like all teachers, I repeat myself!

We must remember: God is obviously a creator who establishes laws. Laws of physics. We see them every day. Let's get down to the basics; here on earth, oil and water don't mix! There are billions upon billions of laws, all developed by the creator. All of the universe and nature abide by them.

HE created rules.. Rules that will enable the people who live by HIS rules and the example set by HIS Son, to make the transformation into the spiritual being that enables us to enter the Kingdom.

These aren't laws of curse or punishment, only a process, when practiced, allows us to become a "new creature" capable of transcending. Simply put, if we don't receive the "change" that happens to a "begotten" - "justified" - "saved" - "born-again" person, we don't have the state of being that allows us to transcend. By practicing the laws of HIS "spiritual physics" we are able to possess the physique required for entry into the Kingdom.

With that thought in mind, It's pretty critical to live the doctrine of Jesus Christ in our daily affairs. In other words, you have to walk-the-walk in your daily affairs. The way we treat each other, the way we refrain from lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, worship of money (material), adultery, the complete doctrine. Repentance is a must. Confession of our sins and repentance is required to be forgiven by our Father in heaven. The confession and repentance must be truly from the heart and genuine. Simple "lip service" won't work. By the way, I'm not talking about confession to a priest or another man! No man can forgive the sins of another man! I'm talking about a pouring out of the heart to the person you sinned against and our Father in heaven! It may also be required of you to ask the person you sinned against or a person who was hurt by your transgression that you confess to that person.

How Do You Acquire The Spiritual Physique Required To Transcend...

There is only one way! One way to be resurrected (for admittance into the Kingdom) and receive your new spiritual body... Only one way to be changed from the mortal, flesh body of this world in a twinkling of the eye and take on your new resurrected, spiritual body. That one way is made through Jesus Christ... NOW. We not only believe, receive and trust HIM but we must do our very best to pattern our lives and conduct after HIS example. When we fail we must confess and repent! The easiest way to describe a hypocrite is to describe a professed Christian who sins BUT does not confess the sin and repent! That is the only difference... of course you would have to assume that sorrow is not in the heart of the hypocrite. If there is no sorrow for the sin, the confession is not genuine.

Jesus promised to send the "Comforter." The last promise HE made before ascending to HIS Father was HIS promise to send help in the form of the Comforter or "Holy Spirit." It is through the act of acquiring the Holy Spirit that we are able to make the transformation into the "New Creature," that the scriptures teach us. This enables us to make the transition into the spiritual body that allows us to enter the Kingdom of God.

There is only ONE WAY, through accepting Jesus and loving and trusting HIM, we are able to receive the Holy Spirit. The "ONE WAY" is the means by which we are able to receive assurance of transformation into the spiritual being, possessing the required physique that permits us entrance to the Kingdom of God... Heaven, as we call it..

If we fail to receive Jesus while of this world of physical reality, we will surely be judged, as we are taught in the scriptures.

I don't know of any one person that truly and completely understands this supernatural process. Do you suppose that's the reason The Lord Jesus must send the Spirit to live within us? When The Spirit resides in us we are able to learn and absorb the doctrine and "will" of God, enabling us to grow as a "New Creation."

Speaking Of Becoming A New Creature...

According to biblical teaching, when we are begotten, saved or born again, we are a new creation! Now, don't take that lightly! When the word of God tells us we are a "new creation," it means exactly what it says... We become different... We have been endowed with the new feature of spiritual physics which allows us to develop through a gestation period as a NEW CREATURE, born and glorified as a mature spiritual being!

When we are begotten, saved or born again you could compare that to conception. At that moment we are conceived (in the spirit) and become a CHILD OF GOD. Before that time we are the child of a human... At any time after we are saved, regardless of how far along we are in our stage of development, we are kingdom-bound; that is, UNLESS WE REFUSE TO TAKE ON THE NATURE OF GOD. For if we, at some point, renounce the nature and likeness of Christ, we abort ourselves from the spiritual womb. That is not to say you can't confess your sin, truly repent and be reinstated. However, I can tell you from experience; that is hard to achieve! After a person is saved and knows the power and redemption of Christ, then backslides into an unrepentant, sinful life... this makes it nearly impossible to return to your Christ-sanctioned state of being. That's not to say it won't happen, it's just plain hard to achieve it.

The Great White Throne Judgment...

Could it be...  The judgment, that so many folks feel will allow them to plead their case... is for those who were not able to acquire the saved, born-again status to make the change from flesh and blood to a spiritual being. A spiritual being that becomes the type of being that can enter into the Kingdom.

Could it be that the judgement is for those who lived before Christ sent the Holy Spirit? Jesus sent The Holy Spirit, 50 days after His resurrection.

Could the "Judgement" also be for those who never had the opportunity to accept Christ, such as, those who were never told about Christ? Those who never heard the gospel of salvation through Jesus? If Jesus is the required ingredient for spiritual salvation and recreation, how can someone achieve that spiritual physique if they have never known Jesus or heard HIS gospel? I believe I know that God can and does save HIS own, whose names are written in The Lamb's Book Of Life. Later, we'll talk about this in depth. For now, just accept the written word that Jesus declared that HE IS THE WAY! I know it because I know Jesus! I have felt HIS presence, I have been healed by HIM, I know HIM well. I am very fortunate. I thank God for the trials and hardships that brought me low enough to reach up for HIM. It is a worthwhile ambition! I highly recommend it! It is within your grasp if you WANT it. If you truly want it and need it, you will pray, you will try, you will seek HIM. HE will respond. Keep knocking! He will open the door! That's HIS promise!

Here's a thought: Jesus said that the road to the Kingdom is narrow and FEW will EVER find it. Here's the "other thought" We all know that there are precious few in all religions and doctrines who are visibly different and truly kind, loving and forgiving... in other words there are those who reflect the nature of Christ but have never heard the doctrine. I KNOW THERE ARE VERY FEW but Jesus said that only a few will ever find that narrow road to heaven. Is it egotistical for us to believe that God cannot save a person HIMSELF? I think it is absurd, ridiculous and vain to think we are so important that we are needed to direct traffic into the Kingdom! It is written in the scriptures that God can make this decision while the infant is in the mother's womb... a good case for predestination!

The scriptures tell us we are ALL judged. On this page I'm talking about the initial judgement that allows us to be changed in a twinkling... those who died in Christ are immediately resurrected upon His return or at death. Sounds to me like we have already been judged, daily... by our lifestyle... by repenting and asking forgiveness. Each act of kindness or sin, each minute, each hour, each day.... Developing into that "New Creature".... that spiritual being that has acquired the "Spiritual Physique" required to transcend.

This law, God's laws of physics is what determines which door we enter into eternity... The Kingdom of God or that "other" place.

It appears to be a matter of development: as surely as His laws allow a caterpillar to change into a butterfly or the seed from a man (when combined with the egg of the woman) allows a human to develop. Such are HIS laws! HIS laws, which govern these miracles that we witness everyday, should be PROOF that the same laws determine our type of spiritual being after physical death.

Seems to me it's pretty important to "do right" and work hard, ask HIM to allow you to become "Saved" "Born-Again" "Begotten" However you choose to refer to the act becoming Christ-like and allowed to achieve the "spiritual physique" required to transcend.

I hope this helps you understand that the New Age doctrine, which wrongly teaches that "God is love" and will not punish us for a failed lifestyle is a half-truth; a half-truth that may keep a lot of people from achieving that spiritual state-of-being which will allow them to transcend.

Now, if you think you are safe because your church isn't classified as "New-Age" be afraid, be very afraid, because many churches teach the new-age doctrine and don't know the difference! Remember? Jesus said on that day of judgment MANY will say, "Lord, I cast out demons in your name," and Jesus will reply, "Depart from me, I never knew you." This verse alone should be proof enough that there are churches that teach a false Jesus, misleading well-intentioned people through false doctrine. You may want to read the series on this site that deals with the churches who teach a false doctrine. I repeat myself... Jesus said on that day of judgment many will say, "Lord, I cast out demons in your name," and Jesus will reply, "Depart from me, I never knew you." The simple fact that they were being judged tells you that they did not make it into the kingdom.

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God doesn't punish us.  Those who don't make it simply did not comply with the process... The process of God's law of spiritual physics, which is taught us through the word of God and through the Holy Spirit which enters into us and a new creature is born, much like the transition of the butterfly. God's law of spiritual physics is required for us to achieve the state-of-being that allows us to transcend.

Consider this: I believe that if a person's name was written in the book of life the Holy Spirit will enter that person and transform them. Some could and should suggest that there is contradiction here... yes, I believe there is room for consideration, according to what we know - but remember - God is far too complex for us to think that mere mortals should understand everything. Remember, Jesus compared those of us who trust HIM with "little children." Meaning that little children trust without having complete understanding. It's a heart felt thing, called love... DIVINE LOVE.

It's a matter of physics, ask any scientist:
"The laws of physics are true and will not bend!"

I would not like to try to understand this page without the help of The Holy Spirit. I just write what He gives me, it's up to the reader to comprehend and act. I respectfully suggest you do it as I do it, with help from the Holy Spirit through prayer. Time is wasting and we are all running out of it! Maybe it's time to get started? YOU SEE - TODAY IS JUDGEMENT DAY.

Your Friend,


What about the Final Judgment? www.john33.com/judgment-final


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