Will Your Pastor Make It To Heaven?
Judas Received 30 Pieces Of Silver For "Selling Out" Jesus...
Your Church/Pastor Receives Tax-Free Status For "Selling Out"....

Because your church conforms to the requirements of the 501(c) (3) tax exempt status they are not allowed to take a public stand on issues such as prayer in school, etc. If your church makes a public stand on political candidates or issues they can lose their tax-free status.

In other words, make the incentive good enough and the church won't present their Christian beliefs to the world. If the government will allow church members to deduct their contributions from their income, the church will "sell out" and let the worldly, ungodly, demonic organizations destroy our Christian principles. Sound kinda Judas-like? It does to me! Have you ever wondered why the churches do not become more involved in issues such as prayer in school? Now you know!

Pastors, Preachers, Evangelists will tell you: We must get the gospel to the primitive countries otherwise the unknowing, unsaved people of those "dark" countries won't inherit the Kingdom Of God. In other words ignorance or "not knowing" will be no excuse, it's off to Hell with those uninformed, ignorant people (so they say).

Well ~ If ignorance is no excuse ~ all those Pastors/Preachers can't plead ignorance for selling out God and his Son.

I'd hate to hear their plea on judgment day..... "Honest, Jesus, I didn't realize that compromising our witness to the world was a sin." Or... "But we needed the tax-free status to build bigger buildings and pay larger salaries to the Pastor."

You can hear a lot of arguments from "the church" as to why they have to be qualified by the 501(c)(3) loophole. Believe me, there are many ways to "skin that cat" if they were not so eager to "sell out."

In My Opinion: Now you know who John was referring to when he writes about the GREAT PROSTITUTE in the Book of Revelation.

It's true! God will forgive us our sins. However, we are supposed to confess the sin and repent.... That means stop committing the sin. Is the 501(c) (3) a sin? If it is then confess it and drop your status. It may mean a reduction in your lifestyle but a few sacrifices are required of those who truly serve the Lord. Now those tithers would truly be giving not simply showing a (tax-free) deduction on their tax return. Makes a big difference. Kinda separates the true believer and the politically-correct status seeker. If you escalated to that new standard of faith and giving... you could speak out for the Lord and His principles. That's what I call a faithful follower and Disciple of Christ.

In the meantime, why don't you, the reader, look into it and tell me what you think? If you care to, tell me the difference between Judas and your Pastor

I'm always ready to hear new thoughts or reconsider my position. Remember, we are seekers of truth. Let me hear from you!

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