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Power of Positive Thinking - Mind Over Matter - Positive Mental Attitude

A member of my family was diagnosed with cancer. I asked, "How he was doing?" I was told, "Doing well, he has a good attitude. The doctor gave him a 25% chance of living five years AND if he makes the five years he will almost surely survive it completely!" He went on to say, "He (the cancer victim) feels that he'll be in that 25% because he is young and strong."

Note: That's what I call a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). When this PMA is achieved by way of The Holy Spirit... it is called FAITH. If the bottom-line reasoning is, "Because he is young and strong" that is not faith but human reasoning.

Pastors, Preachers, Parents, Siblings and Friends, may comment, with pride, when this good, positive, brave attitude is displayed by the (seeming) victim of disease or misfortune. That person would be described as, "A brave man/woman with a great attitude!"

When we are able to maintain that type of attitude, on our own, without the intervention of The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, we may be admired and respected as being 'positive' ... 'Brave' is another descriptive word that comes to mind... But this is of our own 'will' ... a method taught by New-Age beliefs ... practices and lessons from the occult... I know... I used these methods before I came to know the real Jesus.

Positive Mental Attitude - Power of Positive Thinking - Mind Over Matter
All Of these Admirable Traits Are "New Age" And Lessons From The Occult...
(Does your preacher endorse these practices?)
Some Of The Most Prominent TV Evangelists Teach This Doctrine.

Spiritual Cocaine... To be able to cast aside the reason and reality of the situation and replace it with a mind-induced attitude may be admired by the world but as a Spiritual Warrior I recognize it as a cloaking tool, used by Satan to cause the victim to not experience the trial and overcome! What if Jesus had been given a mind altering drug that would have lessened His suffering and depth of His sacrifice? That's what these practices are... A MIND ALTERING DRUG or as I refer to it "Spirtual Cocaine."

Remember, God's children are promised trials and suffering, which we are to overcome and learn from them.

1st Peter Chapter 1 Verses. 6 & 7..
6So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though it is necessary for you to endure many trials for a while. 7These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold--and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

2nd Corinthians Chapter 7 Verse 10..
10For God can use sorrow in our lives to help us turn away from sin and seek salvation. We will never regret that kind of sorrow. But sorrow without repentance is the kind that results in death.

Did you catch that last line? "But sorrow without repentance is the kind that results in death."

Most folks who use The Power of Positive Thinking, Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) do not express sorrow or humility but they exude SELF confidence and a self-reliant attitude, not subservience and trust in G-d. We have all been taught that these (PMA) are admirable qualities. In other words, we have been slow-cooked into becoming a G-dless society while making it look grand and good. We have been taught to NOT rely on G-d but on our own abilities.

According To The Book Of Job...
We should tear our clothes, throw ashes on our head, scream out to our Father-In-Heaven and ask, "WHY?"- "What Have I done wrong?"- "Why is this burden put on me?" Pray, talk to God, have your friends pray and ask God "WHY?" Is there a lesson here to be learned in this trial? Was I lacking in understanding and did I need to learn a lesson from this? Possibly to learn a lesson so I may correct my wrongful nature or doings? Realize that we, as Christians are only passing through this world, being tested, being taught lessons that we may progress and acquire the "spiritual physique" which enables us to enter the Kingdom of God.

Job cried out, he wrestled with God and finally God gave him the answer and Job benefitted greatly! Elihu, through the Spirit, told Job: "This suffering was sent to you to prevent you from falling into a life of sin.." How much plainer can it be? Because of the trial Job suffered and endured he finally truly knew God. Take a look... Book of Job, Chapter 42 Verses 5 & 6...
5"I had heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes. 6I take back everything I said, and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance."

We usually only learn the lessons... and gain the "spiritual physique" through trials and severe testing. The "spiritual physique" required to gain admittance into the Kingdom comes about because of suffering, hurting, trials, overcoming adversity... If we avoid the true reason that God allowed Satan to send the test, Satan wins.

The way many churches and doctrines have come to teach the art of Positive Thinking, allows us to bypass the test by taking the "spiritual cocaine," a self-induced, mind-altering mental drug to hypnotize us into a euphoric state of well-being. We miss the test, we don't learn the lesson and we are not prepared for entry into the Kingdom.

As a Youngster...
I was a practicing Rosicrucian and was taught those methods. If you don't know: a Rosicrucian is a member of the occult. I was shown by The Lord and I quit when I learned from where the power came. DO NOT PLAY WITH THOSE THINGS!

When the trials are sent to us, do as Job did and learn your lesson. Take the test, face the reality and grow in Jesus!

My life-long friend, Rick Griffin read this page and pointed out that I needed to further explain the message. OKAY RICKY...

I am in no way suggesting you be "negative-minded," only that you recognize your source of "positive" attitude. Do not place your mental capabilities above the Son of God and His "will" for your growth and understanding. It is important to have TOTAL TRUST IN HIM. "Though He Slay Me," .... Remember? Be faithful and take the tests that are promised us by many authors of the bible. Don't forget the BIG test coming up soon... The Great Tribulation. Will you assume a Positive Mental Attitude, authored by yourself? OR will you trust Jesus?

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