Leave Your Life Story Or At Least Photos And The Highlights Of Your Life For Your Children And Future Generations To See... Let Them Know Their Roots And Who You Were! We All Wish This Technology Had Been Available For Our Parents And Forefathers To Leave Us.

These precious memories can now be shared by every caring person, descendant or friend who wants to remember you and your life. Safe from fire and theft! No more squabbles over lost photographs and memories. Share your precious past with all! Simply access it from the internet!
Great for sharing pictures, vacations, new babies, pets or for eternal legacy and memory.

Stored on The World Wide Web Servers and you can have backups on CD's. Do not pass this wonderful opportunity to share your legacy and your children's heritage!
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A small price to pay for the joy it will bring for years to come!

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You can have your life story or scrapbook including photos and brief stories published here. It can be as private as you wish or as public as you dare! Your own biography professionally written and published. Leave your legacy for your friends and loved ones to see. Each person may have their own password to see private messages for them alone. In other words: You can have individual pages for each family member that may be accessed by them alone.
How Would They Reach My Biography?

For example: You can reach my life story by going to www.thisismylife.us/darryl

To publish your scrapbook or life story you would simply type www.thisismylife.us/your-name If you want your scrapbook or life story to be private - for only people who have your password it would look like this www.thisismylife.us/password. This way only people you want to see it may view it.

Do It Yourself Or I Will Do It For You...
If you want to write it yourself simply do so in "MS WORD" format and either e-mail it or send to me by Post Office. Call or e-mail me first so we can discuss all aspects.
You may e-mail pictures with instructions or if you do not have those capabilities you can send it to me in a box! I will compose, edit it to your satisfaction and design your site.
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