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On August 31, 1981, Doug and Gary Harp established Harp Security Consultants, Inc. in Hot Springs, AR. Harp is an incorporated Arkansas company.

In 1981 with the financial assistance of Arkansas Bank and trust company, Doug and Gary started the task of selling themselves and the service of Harp Security. Initially they offered security guard service, nightly security patrols and private investigations.

In their first few months of existence as a company, they secured a contract with National Rejector Company. They were in strike due to union organizing. Harp Security furnished guards 24 hours a day for the homes of the General Manager, the Comptroller, the Personnel Director and for the entire plant complex. Harp Security went from four employees to thirty overnight. The strike lasted six months, and was without a major incident.

1982 brought the opportunity to secure a contract with Arkansas Bank and Trust . The initial contract was to furnish guards for the main bank location in Hot Springs, and to provide nightly patrol service for the main bank and all the Hot Springs branches.

Burglary alarm sales began receiving much attention in 1982. Doug had electrical experience from his career before the State Police and Gary was formerly employed by Southwestern Bell telephone. With that background they began selling and installing alarm systems. Shortly after starting the alarm business, they employed a person who had extensive experience from New York City. He immediately recommended that Harp Security monitor their own alarms. Having a nightly patrol person already in place, they not only monitored their own alarms; they responded to them with a uniformed security officer.

In 1984 Governor Bill Clinton appointed Doug to the first Arkansas Alarm Licensing Board. He latter served on the Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies. After Doug’s service of 6 years on the board, Gary Harp was appointed to the same board.

Today Harp Security offers many various security services rivaling some of the larger security corporations.


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