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The main purpose is for help in understanding home improvement language,
methods in pricing, measuring, how to select a contractor and find contractors in all 50 states.

1. PRICE, PRICES, PRICING - HOW PRICING IS ACHIEVED - What You Should Expect To Pay For And Should Not.

MEASURING - How To Measure The House For Siding Or Windows. You Will Better Understand What You Are Paying For.

TERMINOLOGY - ( Language or Terms ) Siding, Soffit, Fascia, Bird Boxes, Sills, J Channel, Blocks, Dormers, Facings, Louvers, Corners, Etc. You Need To Be Able To Communicate Your Needs, Desires And Fears To The Contractor. Know What You Are Being Charged For. You Will Be Able To Choose The Contrasting Colored Components.

CONTRACTOR INDEX - Contractor List, All 50 States. Shop For Your Contractor Or Dealer Right Here. Some Contractors Will Have Web Sites Or A Web Page So You Can Tour Their Sites And Gather Information.

SELECTING YOUR CONTRACTOR/COMPANY - Be sure to check this out!


Our Purpose and Intent Is To Bring Homeowners and Contractors Together To Benefit Both Parties. Educating The Consumer Helps That Person Make A Reasonable Decision And Removes Fear and Doubt.

There Are A Few Basic Things To Know In Order To Communicate With The Contractor. Here Are The Basics:


Find How Pricing Is Established In The Siding & Window Business. Siding and Window Contractor's Prices May Differ For The Same Features. The Features May Vary Greatly As Well As The Basis Of Charge.

The Price Is Determined By Many Different Factors. Understanding These Differences Will Help The Homeowner Understand What He Pays For And How He May Be Able To Save Money.

Prices May Vary From State To State And Regions. Length Of The Construction Season, Transportation And Cost Of Living Are A Few Of The Factors. Some Of The Other Factors Are Covered In This Pricing Link.

How To Measure For Siding and Windows

You Can Not Become Proficient At Measuring A House For Siding By Reading This Short Lesson. Measuring A House Is A Learned Skill. REMEMBER You Are Not Going To Be An Expert And I Hope You Won't Take The Little You Learn Here And Offend A Well-Meaning, Skilled Home Improvement Representative. If You Do, Don't Tell Him You Learned It Here! Look Foolish On Your Own - Please Don't Drag Me Into It! This Is Only Intended To help You Understand What You Are Paying For And Why Some Jobs Cost More Than Others When The Houses LOOKED THE SAME. Remember, The Square Footage Of Floor Space HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AREA OF THE WALLS !

OK, Now That I've Got That Out Of My System, Check Out The "Measure" Link.

Language - Terminology

When Fixing Your Home. You Need To Speak The Language To Be Sure You Are Communicating Your Wishes. Picture This, Your Wife Asks The Contractor, "Are You Going To Cover That DO-DADDY Under The Window"? The Contractor May Think She's Talking About The Flower Box, She Was Talking About The Window Sill. Besides, A DO-DADDY Is Not In The Contract, Sills Are. Check Out The Language Link For Help Here.


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