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Custom Built Windows Pricing: The usual and most common method of pricing is "per united inch".

United Inch: Height + Width of the window opening. Not to be confused with the "square inch" which is Height x Width.

Simply add the height & width and that is the size of your custom window. An average bedroom window will be about 84 united Inches. The average bathroom window may be in the vicinity of 50 united inches.

Most Home Improvement Dealers use custom built windows to exactly match the opening. Therefore they don't have to refinish sheetrock, siding, etc. Presto! The window is built to exactly fit the opening.

After a house has been built and standing for years, the house "settles" or "shifts", the opening may no longer be square. Custom built windows are the choice for remodeling and retrofit.

Prime Windows: Are manufactured to standard sizes, such as; 2' 0" by 3' 0" ( 2 ft. wide by 3 feet high ). The window opening is built to standard sizes in new construction, therefore most new construction incorporate "prime windows". These are mass produced.

A prime window purchased at the discount materials house probably will not be in the same league with the windows that Home Improvement Contractors install.

Many factors determine the cost of a "Custom Window" . . . .

A. Above all: Quality of Materials & Construction.

B. Features such as "Tilting Sash" for easy cleaning inside the home. This is one of the major benefits for safety! No Ladders! No need to go out into the heat or cold and fight the wasps and damage the shrubs - simply tilt the sash inside and clean it!

C. Type of Glass used: "E Glass" "Sun Glass" "Tinted" all custom for your needs and climate. You may want "tinted" glass or "sun glass" on the west end (sunny side) and clear everywhere else.

D. Gas filled (insulated) windows are more efficient and cost more. The gas actually slows down the conduction and/or convection of heat transfer.

E. Bells, Whistles & Locks are nice and add cost. Of course I'm referring to added options that are too numerous to mention here.

F. Usually speaking, the wider the insulated width (dead air space), the better the energy savings and noise reduction. 3/8" will not be as good as 3/4".

G. There are many factors that when pointed out will make sense to you or it won't. If it does not - Ask Us!


Do it right and you only do it once.

Good windows keep you toasty warm in the winter and cool as a cucumber in the summer. Lowers those energy bills too! Good energy saving windows can pay for themselves in a few years. They are pretty, increase the value of your home and make your life more comfortable.

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